Our Very Own ‘Luke’s’

We first found out about Madison & Pike on Little Black Book, Delhi, more than a year ago, and I remember the very apt description- ‘your friendly neighbourhood cafe’, really caught my fancy. 

It’s been over a year of us dropping into M & P now, and it still remains true to that description. In life and times that prioritise the large scale, fast moving, impersonal and replicable over most else, this ‘friendly neighbourhood cafe’ takes us back to a time and culture where everybody at the cafe knows your name and regular order, are happy to tweak it just to your taste, send free extras when they home deliver, and even write you ‘credit notes’ in times of cashlessness!
So when we are looking to end a stroll with a cup of coffee, meeting friends for an early dinner, feeling too lazy to make our own breakfast, or culminating a 21 day no-sugar challenge, this is where we find ourselves. 

If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, you’ll know what I mean when I say- this is our very own ‘Luke’s’! 

Where to find it: Nirvana Courtyard Market, Nirvana Country, Gurgaon.

Our favourites: Stuffed Strawberry & Nutella Frenchtoast on Butter Brioche.

Staples: Their range of freshly baked breads. The absolute BEST!


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