A Seaside Gem

On our last day we went for lunch on Helene’s recommendation to Pousada By the Beach. I think it was the best meal experience for me in Goa. It is located on the beach, between Baga and nearer Calangute but it’s not a frequented part . And the off season meant that we were the only ones at the restaurant for lunch.

It looks different from most other beach shacks from the approach itself . Full of green foliage and a boat, the entry has two sentries saluting the sea.

13576824_10157189824140061_2874934746482759952_oAs you enter you are welcomed by a quirky Helen of Troy (her statue!) looking out over the sea. We looked closely to find that someone had placed a pair of orange spectacles on her face and she looked quite at home in them. Later, Josh revealed that one of the customers had done this and they had let it remain.

The ambience is tasteful and carefully designed, yet is natural enough for the beach. We were welcomed by Josh who helped us choose from the menu. I noticed that he was careful with his questions and came up with good recommendations and was able to tell us what not to order as well. That is rare in a restaurant! Do listen to his recommendation.

I ordered a lovely drink which was a take on the mojito, but had an interesting chaat masala twist to it . The Assorted Pousada Platter was a good choice as we got to sample a variety of fare; the Chicken Pousada was delicious as was the grilled calamari; The Tomato Bruschetta was fresh and the Sev Delight reminded me of a mouthful of the northern taste of chaat. The mix of cuisines on that platter was truly a treat!

I was rather taken by the attention to textures, balance, as well as presentation of each of the dishes we ate. It sets Pousada apart from most of the other beach restaurants we tried on our holiday.

The entire experience, not just the food, was a treat. Josh made us feel at home and very welcome. Biscuit (their lab) instantly befriended us and curled up next to us.We went into the water after lunch and came back after for coffee (the lavazza is great!) and a traditional Goan dessert.

I would recommend it highly to anyone who goes to Goa. It should be on top in your list of ‘go to’ places. Well done, Team Pousada! Please retain your individuality!


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