Our Crazy Goa Monsoon Adventure

We had heard loads about Goa being at its greenest and prettiest in the rains. This year we decided to take the plunge (literally!) and plan a trip there in the first week of July.

Our hunt for quaint, little-known places to stay, tucked away in the quieter parts of the world, led us to Helene and Derrick’s lovely ancestral Portugese home, now converted into a wonderful homestay called The Secret Garden Goa.We stayed in the gorgeous Malabar room overlooking the lush garden, with a lovely stony path leading right up to the pool, which is cosy yet large enough for an invigorating swim.


Breakfasts, cooked and put together so lovingly by Helene herself, were an absolute treat, with pots of aromatic, home brewed coffee, home baked bread and eggs done whatever style you choose.


Helene & Derrick were the most generous hosts and were always there to guide us and recommend anything and everything we could need, from bike rentals to restaurant and shopping options. Being the off season, only a select number of places were open, but some of the ones they recommended and we tried, were brilliant! We particularly fell in love with this seaside gem called Pousada By The Beach, located on the little and less-known (thank goodness!) belt between the beaches of Baga and Calangute.


One of the best parts of our monsoon adventure was hiring a scooty for ourselves and traipsing about town. Two-wheelers, easily available on hire all over Goa, are one of the best ways to get around since Goa roads are often narrow and winding. Plus the lovely coastal breeze against your face on your scooty rides is simply magical!
Some of the other highlights from our trip included a day spent at good old Curlies in Anjuna, where we met a warm and lovely lady seller of chocolates and other knick knacks, and her cat; they were our companions as we sought refuge from the rain on the narrow path leading up to the beach. An evening spent listening to the lively jazz at Cantare on a Monday night, and a meal at Go With The Flow, Baga.
Our top tips for the monsoon traveller to Goa:
  • Carry at least double the number of outfits (and underclothes) than the days you are there! And please be under no delusion that you will be able to dry them under the fan and wear them the next day! Nothing is EVER dry in the Goa monsoon, anywhere!
  • No-slip but good-grip footwear is a must. Go for floaters or Natives. Flip flops are comfy for when you are lounging about at the hotel/garden but not through the monsoon puddles!
  • A lot of even the well-known places are shut for the off season, so do your research beforehand.
Parting thoughts…the monsoon in Goa is a super fun and super lovely time to be there but not for the non-adventurous and “eeks…I got mud on my shoes” type :P. So if you love a good drench and splashing about in puddles, by all means, GO (A)!

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